TechCollective is a work and controlled organization giving a full scope of innovation support and analysis management. We have some expertise in the tech needs of people and little to-medium measure organizations and different associations. We are not quite the same technical support choices. We’re responsible, different to an independent expert or advisor; and we’re sociable. It is not at all an important enterprise. You work with us, you manage an individual post in the achievement of our organization.

TechCollective is a specialist request helpful in PC Repair Services. PC administrations to the Greater Boston and San Francisco are locales. We have a long haul objective of increasing our help techniques the country over.

How and Where to Invest Your Money

The first community in San Francisco shaped in  2006. Tech specialists, accountable for a technical support work! In 2012. One of our individuals move to Boston and shape a different, equal. Centers share assets and are establishing individuals from the Tech Cooperative Federation.

With cell phones, cloud management, and customary PCs clarifying the lines. We adopt a different strategy to IT, help organizations. We see our customer’s needs, helping them with their objectives and building frameworks. It will dependable.

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Boston TechCollective

Boston TechCollective is a work and controlled agreeable offering technical support and PC management. As a community, every one of our experts is a section proprietor with an equal say in the business. You manage and has an individual post in the achievement of our organization.

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Working With You

Our Boston office gives close and remote I.T. bolster managements to several little to-medium-sized associations in the Greater Boston region. From hundreds of years old organizations to new businesses, non-benefits, and past. We tune in to your requirements and will no constrain a one-estimate fits-all approach on you.

Modern Flexible Support

The theory we take to technical support is an all-encompassing one in PC Repair Services. It begins with a free conference. We will survey your present condition and help. You work intelligent, not harder. TechCollective is cross-stage in supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux. The tools we suggest and send intend to adaptable.

Computer Applications

C4 Tech and Design

C4 Tech and Design is a specialist control agreeable in PC Repair Services. It gives specialize and formation managements to organizations and non-benefits in the Greater New Orleans region. C4 offers into two synergistic groups. Our Business I.T. Administrations group offers specialized help, systems administration, and PC repair management. Our Web Design Team offers visual depiction, web improvement, and custom programming administrations.  

C4 offers a collection of creative innovation analysis administrations in PC Repair Services. It is a variable scope of organizations and associations all the Gulf South locale and the country over. C4 has creative answers for a customer base for over 10 years.

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C4 has practical experience in the variety of tech, PC, and formation administrations for an oversize scope of customers. It includes home clients, non-benefits, specialists, independent companies, and huge associations. C4 makes support plots, will secure your main goal basic information. We plan and concept sites starting with no outside help. It investigates and repairs PC issues. This makes custom applications for the web and cell phones. It includes new programming, changes over information, and offer to prepare. We use our experience and ability to locate the correct answer for our customers. It’s expelling an infection from a PC or building an internet business site. We recognize it takes to carry out the activity right.

How we started

C4 Tech and Design establish in New Orleans in 2002 to a gathering of experts. It innovative skills to begin a business together. Establish the standards of a popularity base working environment. Our agreeable business is work and request and work. It implies specialist is a section proprietor of C4 and gets an equal say in the business. This implies our representatives’ main need is your fulfillment. One of us is a proprietor of C4 and focus on the administration our business can give.

What is a worker co-op?

A work and community is a plan of action in which the specialists right and runs their working environment. The work hangs turn into the investors, getting equal offers. Every worker has one vote on all issues identified with the business. The U.S. Organization of Worker Cooperatives, “In a work and helpful, specialists possess their employment. It has not a direct post on the condition. The ability to choose to work together is feasible for all of us. The specialist helpful development is progressive perceive. It is the bigger development for maintainability. Laborer cooperatives have a propensity to make long heave stable occupations, manageable business practices. It connections in the various social economy.” For information on specialist cooperatives, look at the USFWC’s site.

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Union Technology Cooperative

Union Technology Cooperative gives custom innovation answers for organizations and associations in PC Repair Services. We devote to giving secure and solid frameworks our customers can rely upon.

We offer reduced administrations associations and people meet all requirements for our locale rate. The friend was shaping to our part professionals to make an association work. It works for and to provide an association to work with.

UTC technicians provide a full spectrum of technology services including:

  1. Business organizes organization and counseling.
  2. Security reviews and remediations.
  3. Custom server and workstation PC concepts which incorporate the most dependable parts accessible.
  4. Equipment arrangement, setup, redesigns, and repairs.
  5. Programming establishment, arrangement, services, and movements.
  6. System plan and sending of switches and remote corridors with lifetime guarantees.
  7. Information support and movement administrations.

Our professionals are specialists over a general variety of stages including Windows, Mac, and Linux. We spend important time in conveying complete and financially savvy arrangements utilizing free and open source programming.

We work with our customers to assess their individual needs to convey the answer to fit every customer and situation. Estimates are free, please call or email us to talk with one of our education and friend professionals today!

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