Facebook (How to protect your data)

Is leaving Facebook the only way to secure your data?

Your data is really not safe on Facebook.

Charges that exploration firm Cambridge Analytica misused the information of 50 million Facebook clients have revived the verbal confrontation about how data on the interpersonal organization is shared and with whom.

What’s more, there is no doubt that Facebook can manufacture point by point and advanced profiles on clients’ preferences, ways of life and political leanings.

The greater inquiry moves toward becoming – what does it impart to others and what would users be able to do to recover control of their data?

Question is that what does it share with others and how can users recover and control their information?

“Want to see what you look like as an actor or cricketer? Click here.”

We’ve all seen such quizzes,  offering to test your IQ, reveal your inner personality, or show you what you’d look like if you were a glamorous actor.

how will you look like as a hollywood star

It was data from one such Facebook test that Cambridge Analytica is charged to have used to collect the information of millions of people.

Numerous such quizzes accompany consolations that your information is protected.

These diversions and quizzes are intended to entice clients in yet they are regularly only a shop front for mass information accumulation and one that Facebook’s expressions and conditions allow.

Protection advocates Electronic Frontier Foundation said the way these tests gathered information reflected “how Facebook’s terms of administration and API were organized at the time”.

Facebook has changed its terms and conditions to eliminate the data that outsiders can gather, particularly preventing them from getting to information about clients’ companions.

It isn’t yet clear exactly what information the firm got hold of- this is presently subject to an examination by the UK information security expert, the ICO.

Pondering The Social Cost Of Technology

What should Facebook users do to protect their information?

  • Log in to Facebook and visit the App setting page
  • Click edit button under Apps, Websites and Plugins
  • Disable platform

This mean that you won’t be able to use third-party sites on Facebook and if that is a stage too far, there is a method for constraining the individual data open by applications while as yet utilizing them:

  • Log into Facebook’s App settings page
  • Unclick every category you don’t want the app to access, which includes bio, birthday, family, religious views, if you are online, posts on your timeline, activities and interests

There are some others pieces of advice too.

“Never click on a ‘like’ button on a product service page and if you want to play these games and quizzes, don’t log in through Facebook but go directly to the site,”

said Paul Bernal (a lecturer in Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Media Law in the University of East Anglia School of Law).

“Using Facebook Login is easy but doing so, grants the app’s developer access to a range of information from their Facebook profiles,” he added.

Never Click on such links

reveal your inner personality link on Facebook
reveal your inner personality link on Facebook

Facebook News Feed try panics publishers

Other ways to protect your Facebook data?

There really is only one way to make sure your data remains entirely private, thinks Dr Bernal. “Leave Facebook.”

“The incentive Facebook will have to protect people more will only come if people start leaving. Currently it has very little incentive to change,” he told the BBC.

It seems he is not alone in his call – the hashtag #DeleteFacebook is now trending on Twitter in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

But Dr Bernal acknowledges that it is unlikely many will quit – especially those who see Facebook as “part of the infrastructure of their lives”.

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