SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The main purpose of making a website is to gathering traffic. It describes the ranking of website on any search engine. It measure the page ranking in google index.

In SEO, first of all you have to focus on keyword which is high in ranking. There are approximately 3.5 billion google searches on daily basis. And there are other many search engines like yahoo and bing.

How It Works?

Google uses algorithm process to give the rank of any website according to people searches. Algorithm process gives the score for the quality of your site, other sites which links to your site and how many people search for your website. You can affect the ranking of your site by increasing  the  quality of your site.

When anyone search any thing on any search engine, he find the sites in ranking position. All search engines try to provide the best search results to the user out of those that are available. They do this by the process of indexing and algorithm as described above. In this way, they figure out which are the most significant data for a specific searched term. They discover pages and store them in their database. When related terms are searched by people on the internet, this is later reviewed.

Factors that affect SEO

If you are searching for learning and wanna increase the SEO of your site then there are two factors that can affect SEO. One is on-set and other is off-set factor. By the way, there are more than 200 factors which affect your page ranking.

There are described some important factors. Anyone  can improve its site ranking by working on these.

1.Choose Domain name

First of all, Keep in mind that which type of traffic you are targeting. Use the keyword in your domain name which which is relevance to the content which you want to keep in your site. For example, If your site is related to technology then always choose the domain name in which tech is included.


Keywords have main importance in SEO. You can easily find keyword by using Google’s keyword planner. You should always choose medium to low competition keywords. If you really want to rank your post then you should definitely include LSI keywords (keywords that are synonyms to your target terms). Must add you keyword in heading and subheading.

3.Website Design

Build your site in such a way that theme should be feel pleasant to view and easy to read the posts. Your site should be neat,clean and professional. Choose light color in background and try to use minimum colors.

4.Relevant Content

Always write same matched and relevant content. If your site domain is about technology then you should only add content about technology and maximum content should have matched data.

5.Do not Copy

Do not copy any data from any other site. Search engines are more smarter. They can easily identify the copied data. If you want to rank your site then then avoid to copy content from other sites. You can get the idea from others sites but writ in your wording.

6.Link Pages

The outbound links which you give from other sites of relevant content improve your SEO score. You can also give the inbound links from your site’s posts which are related to the data of your post. This also increase the SEO ranking of your site.

7.Meta Tags

These are the text pieces which indicate the web page to which data is relevant. These don’t show on page but are in the code of page. Meta Tags indicate the page to search engine about the content.

8.Shorten URL

Always use shorted URL of post. Its better to understand for search engine. Search engine always give the preference to the short URL. Use the keyword of your post in the slug. This helps to improve the SEO score.


Publicize your content through social media such as facebook, LinkdIn and twitter. Create Facebook page and publicize your posts on the page. Make list of emails and send the links of your posts on these mails.

10.Post length

If you write any post and wanna to rank it, always write post in detail and point to point data. Your post should be minimum of 1000-1500 words.


  1. We are many beginners bloggers struggling and spending a huge amount of time in searching on this topic and on many ohers. So sharing information and best practices amongst us is to my view the most productive way to learn.

    I started myself putting all my notes down when creating my blog.. I might also think about posting and sharing my findings when I have a spare moment.


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