Blogging Tips

If you have knowledge about any thing, you should share your knowledge with others. Blogging is the best way to share your knowledge with world. But before making the blog you should keep in mind some things. Here are the some blogging tips for beginner.

1) Prefer Your Readers

Always create posts about the things in which most readers have interest and want to know. Give the answers of readers which they ask to you in comments. You can get the ideas of reader interest from social media.

After getting ideas start to create the blog about the things in which you have also interest and much knowledge. Engage people in your blog by linking one post to other. One other way of engaging people and getting traffic is social media such as facebook, twitter and linkedIn.

2) Unique post and don’t copy data

Write post which have unique data and this data should not match to any other site. Don’t try to copy data from other’s blog and website. During writing post just think about your ideas, your thoughts and write in your words. Write the content which is evergreen.

Don’t write post like news. Your post should have minimum 500 words and don’t finish before writing content hundred percent completion. Always write short sentence and try to complete your idea in short type paragraph.

3) Be Regular

You should be regular and consistent to update your blog. Don’t leave your blog updating not for a single day. Try to add more subscriber to your blog. Keep posting unique data regularly about the things in which people have more interest. Such as if your blog is about cricket or football you should be keep in touch with every update of cricket or football and every match update should you upload on your blog.

4) Motivational Data

 Your content should be motivational and inspirational. You should write such type of data by which you can motivate anyone about any thing. For Example, If you are writing about any product then your data should be such motivational that interest in reader could be create to buy this product. If you are telling to reader about anything then create curiosity in your content so that they want to know more about this thing and keep engage in your blog.

5) Focus only on one type of content

You should focus only on one type of content on your blog. Don’t mix the content with each other. If your blog is about technology, don’t write posts about content other than technology e.g; cars, health and games. Don’t mix your blog with the data of products. If you want to share more knowledge about different things then make different types of separate blogs.

6)  Add subscription plugin to your blog

Add a subscription plugin to your blog so that people can add their mails to your blog. For this you should use email marketing tool. People should have continuously mailed your newly added content.

They will be in touch with your blog and keep visiting your blog. The friend of their on mail will also be in touch with your blog. So, traffic on your blog will start and keep increasing if you continually update your content.

7) Link posts with each other

Don’t forgot to linking posts. When you write any post try to link your post with any other post by content. Create motivation and curiosity in your post that reader try to read your next or similar post on your blog and keep engage in your blog.

8) Share your content

Keep sharing your content on social media like twitter, facebook, reddit and linkedIn. You should make easy your content to share that other can easily share your content with their friends. Make the heading of your content of such type that anyone, who read heading of your post, can be encouraged to read your full post.

9) Choose Proper Theme

Choose such type of theme on which your written data can be easily written. Keep white background and post word’s color should be black. Reader can be easily read your content. Some blogger use very strange theme and background color. Reader feel difficulty in reading the post due to improper theme.

After reading these blogging tips, you will be able to create a good blog and get engage people on your blog.



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