It was announced during the half of 2017 that Samsung is going to launch its own version of Bixby smart speaker. This smart eco-system could compete google’s Home and amazon’s Echo which have proven to be quite successful in their own regards. These companies released multiple variants of their speakers in past months. But now it is being reported to that Samsung is might be going to launch its own smart speakers in the start of 2018.

What can be expected by Samsung’s approach?

This unnamed product of Samsung might arrive with Bixby, Samsung’s iteration of an artificial intelligence-powered digital voice assistant. Similar to the Google Home line-up or Amazon’s Echo speakers, Samsung plans to make their own eco-system of smart products. The south Korean brand has already offering smart wearables, smart TVs and even smart refrigerators. This was no surprise after Samsung’s acquisition of SmartThings back in 2014, after which it started integrating the smart home platform into its various products. And we know that SAMSUNG is also integrating smart home platform into its various products.

At this time Samsung wants to focus on audio quality of its products in for of smart speakers, and its recent acquisition of audio giant HARMAN International should help with that a lot. The company is still working on improving the voice-based web search feature. It is being guessed that with Bixby, device the device should offer an integration with Samsung’s smartphones. On prototype that is currently tested the size of speakers might be same as the amazon latest echo device. Smart speaker might not have any screen but a visual signal in the form of light might be adjusted at the top of speaker. Their might be different colour options including matte black.

Bixby Smart Speaker

What about the availability and pricing?

The expected release time of the product is at start months of 2018, with possible price of 200$. This smart speaker will compete with efficiency and quality of Apple’s HomePod, which is expected to release around the same time, with at a price of $349.



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