Reports have seemed online of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus gadgets blasting open because of iPhone 8 battery issue. We research to see whether Apple has an issue staring its in the face and how to solve.

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus now on special around the globe, reports have started to show up of a potential issue in regards to the batteries.

A modest bunch of clients in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan posted pictures of the gadgets online which demonstrated the screens pulled far from the body. This harm was as far as anyone knows caused by a growing battery, which infers the tragic Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that must be reviewed after units started to burst into flames.

Should iPhone clients be concerned that their sparkling new gadgets are a potential risk? We examine.

What happened to the damaged iPhone 8 and 8 Plus handsets?

The principal case showed up in Taiwan, when a woman called Mrs Wu posted that her 64GB iPhone 8 Plus had popped open while it was charging. The front show board had started to ascend after the gadget had been stopped for several minutes, she stated, making it snap open seconds after the fact.

Mrs Wu affirmed that she had been utilizing the official Apple charger and link that came in the case.

The news outlets in Taiwan revealed that the nearby versatile bearer had taken the iPhone back and passed it on to Apple for examination.

In Japan, another iPhone 8 Plus client tweeted photos of his gadget, demonstrating the bowing in the screen and how it isolated from the fundamental undercarriage.

This case was marginally extraordinary, however, as the unit touched base in this state, instead of because of charging.

In a matter of seconds thereafter a third occurrence was accounted for in Hong Kong by New Mobile Life, where a Mr Lin shared photos of his iPhone 8 with comparable issues.

What is Apple doing about this?

The Independent moved toward Apple to remark on its tale about the ‘blasting’ telephones, and was informed that the organization is “investigating” the issue.

Clearly, should different cases become exposed then you would expect a more formal declaration. Meanwhile, on the off chance that you see any bizarre bowing, bowing, or warmth influencing your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus then we prescribe taking it to an Apple store to have it taken a gander at.

Should I return my iPhone 8 or 8 Plus due to iPhone 8 battery issue?

If it isn’t behaving strangely, no.

When a new product is launched, there are always a few faulty units that turn up. Apple ships millions of iPhones, and if the problem was widespread then you’d have seen a huge uproar on social media already.

In all likelihood, these devices are outliers with faults particular to their construction or components.

That’s not to say that Apple users should be complacent. We’ll be keeping an eye on this story, and will report any developments that we uncover. Be sure to check back periodically to see if anything changes. But for now, enjoy your new iPhone.

Alternatively, if you’re yet to purchase this year’s model, then it might be worth waiting until the iPhone X arrives in November before you make the decision.



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